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       Board of Directors


       2012-2013 Season



  Role   Official Name   Term Ends
1 President   John Archer   7/31/2013
2 Vice President   Brinda  Eaton   7/31/2013
3 Vice President   Clifton Harris   7/31/2014
4 Director   Tony White   7/31/2014
5 Director   Ruth  Archer   7/31/2014
6 Director   Ron Ridley   7/31/2013
7 Director   Mike Lilley   7/31/2013
8 Director   Fran Viles   7/31/2014
9 Director   Bill Richardson   7/31/2013
10 Director   Doug Archer   7/31/2013
11 Director   Sherry  Ridley   7/31/2013
12 Director   Arlo  White   7/31/2014
13 Director   Patti Collins   7/31/2014
14 Youth Director   Corey Ridley   7/31/2014
15 Youth Director   Austin Hinkley   7/31/2013
  Association Manager   Doug Archer    



 2012-2013 Season


Local Hall of Fame   Youth
Arlo White   Sherry Ridley
Mike Collins   Ron Ridley
Linda Collins   Austin Hinkley
Brinda Eaton   Corey Ridley
Doug Archer   Tony White
Ron Bell - Chairperson    
Tournament & Schedule   Finance/Audit
Brinda Eaton   Cliff Harris
Cliff Harris   Ruth Archer
Sherry Ridley   Brinda Eaton
Patti Collins   Doug Archer
Mike Lilley    
Scholarship   State Delegates

voting rights

Fran Viles   John Archer
Ruth Archer   Ruth Archer
Sherry Ridley   Sherry Ridley

non voting

  Doug Archer
Awards   Ron Ridley
  Austin Hinkley
Arlo White   Corey Ridley
Mike Collins - Plaques    
Sherry Ridley    
Austin Hinkley    
Roxanne Archer    
Doug Archer    
Cliff Harris